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You might have loved your previous significant other. Then, for one reason or another, they became your ex, and now the tattoo you got to celebrate your so-thought endless love is just a painful reminder of it all. Well, maybe it’s time to make more space on your skin for other celebratory tattoos. If you plan on proceeding with the removal process, it might be ideal to seek help from a specialist tattoo removal studio London based. Your skin deserves better and now with some help from these treatments, you have the opportunity to provide more care. But let’s see some basic things you should know about modern tattoo removal interventions.  

Picosure Laser or Q-switched laser interventions?

You have two alternatives when it comes to laser removal interventions. A thing we can state for sure is that interventions with Picosure laser are by 60% more effective than the other alternative. This means a reduced number of sessions to get rid of your reminder completely and a shorter recovery time. Of course, the number of sessions you will need strongly depends on the size of your tattoo, the type of ink used and other variables. But a medium sized one requires approximately four sessions to be completely removed. As you can see, this type of intervention in by far more convenient than the other option available.

Does it hurt?

The intervention does hurt a bit, but not more than looking at that tattoo. On a more serious note, the sensation is comparable to the one you experience when being inked, but the process is a lot faster. Therefore, even if there is some kind of discomfort, it will end pretty fast. Also, if you work with a professional in tattoo removal interventions, most probably they will make sure you are comfortable enough and the potential pain you experience is bearable. You should also take note that everyone’s perception on pain is a subjective one. What some might perceive as being inked once again might be a slight tingle for others.

How much does this kind of intervention cost?

Once again, it all depends on a series of variables. The size of the tattoo you want to get removed is the most relevant. To paint a clearer picture of the finances you will need, they vary somewhere between £ 70 and £ 300. This, of course, if you weren’t way too generous and you had a tattoo larger than 30 by 30 centimetres.


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