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There’s nothing quite as manly as a beard, is there? If you don’t agree, the fact that conditioning oil for beards is a legitimate personal care product probably doesn’t mean much to you. But if you do agree, you need to learn all you can about this conditioning oil. Men who love their beards are known to use conditioning oil to keep them looking and feeling good.

Conditioning oil for beards is similar in concept to conditioning products for the hair. Oils are designed to penetrate hair follicles and pores in order to moisturize, soften, and help get unruly beard hair under control. A bearded man who uses a conditioning oil is a man who tends to be very well groomed as a result.

The Problem with Beard Hair

You may never have considered the need for conditioning oil among bearded man. So to answer the question you’re dying to ask, it comes down to this: the problem with beard hair is that it can be extremely coarse and difficult to manage. It doesn’t necessarily lay straight, it prevents the underlying skin from maintaining proper moisture, and individual hairs are prone to becoming brittle due to environmental exposure.

The nature of beard hair can make it very difficult to maintain a beard if it gets too long. Conditioning oil for beards is the answer. By softening and conditioning, oils make it easier for a man to groom himself so that his beard is always neat and well-shaped – regardless of its length.

Good for the Skin Too

Conditioning oil for beards is not only good for beard hair; it’s also ideal for the underlying skin. Applying beard oil and then working it in essentially pulls double duty. It softens and conditions the hair, but it also moisturizes and conditions the skin. Beard oil even goes so far as to provide that moisture barrier the skin underneath the beard may need.

The end result of conditioning the skin is a healthier beard and a reduction of skin conditions including acne and dryness. And as any beard wearer knows, healthy skin is happy skin that makes grooming so much easier.

Start Your Day with Conditioning Oil

Okay, so you’re a guy with a beard who is now convinced of the need to start using conditioning oil. Great. First, go out and find an oil you think is worthy of trying. Then make sure you use it the right way. Doing so starts with knowing the best time to apply the oil. That time is first thing in the morning.

Experts in male grooming have long maintained that the best time to shave is within 10 minutes of getting out of bed. I will not explain why because it doesn’t matter for the purposes of this article, but applying beard oil is similar. The best time to do it is in the morning, just after you shower. If you shower at night rather than in the morning, just quickly wash your face prior to applying the conditioning oil.

Morning is the best time because the skin is relaxed after a night of rest. Washing or cleansing the face opens the pores and readies them to absorb the beard oil right away. You need only put a little bit on your hands and gently rub it into your beard and mustache. Then comb and you are all done.

Yes, men really do use conditioning oil for beards. They have discovered that conditioning oil keeps their beards soft and manageable for easy grooming while at the same time moisturizing the skin underneath.

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