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Why do Men Prefer Arm Tattoos?

February - 3 - 2017

The effect of a tattoo is significantly influenced by the place where it is situated on the body. While some people who like to show off their tattoos choose more visible body regions for their designs, others have a more intimate, personal connection with their tattoos and therefore prefer to hide them from the eyes of strangers. Unlike men, representatives of the weaker sex generally fall into the second category, aiming for tattoos that are smaller in size (and thus easier to conceal) and getting them in less visible regions on the body. By comparison, men generally don’t seem to suffer from this shyness factor, and prefer larger, more visible tattoos on regions of the body that are more exposed to the naked eye. This is why arm tattoos are men’s all time favorites.

Compared to tattoos done in other areas on the body, arm tattoos are considered to be more practical and convenient. If the situation arises that you need to temporarily conceal your tattoo for different reasons, it is easy to do so if you have an arm tattoo, as you can simply pull down your sleeves and cover it up on the spot. From another perspective, if you want to show off your arm tattoo, all you have to do is wear a short sleeve shirt.

Another advantage of arm tattoos for men designs addresses the pain factor. Although men hate to admit it, getting tattooed on more sensitive parts of the body can be a painful experience, but luckily this isn’t the case for arm tattoos. Compared to designs done in other locations on the body, the pain from getting tattooed on the arms is negligible.

For men, having a well-crafted arm tattoo is a symbol of their masculinity, which is known to make them more desirable among women. Moreover, such forms of tattoo designs can emphasize the shape and size of the arms.

There are myriad varieties available for arm tattoo designs, and you should exploit this to the maximum if you decide to have one done yourself. The choices are endless and encompass the following tattoo types: tribal arm tattoos, Aztec, Polynesian, animal representations, lettering, cross, skull, Japanese dragon, Chinese and Japanese symbols, Celtic, zodiac designs and so on. Tribal arm tattoos, along with Asian inspired designs, are some of men’s favorite choices.

When it comes to picking the tattoo that is right for you, always think in advance and remember that it will become a part of you for the rest of your life, unless you decide to cover it or attempt removing it. To avoid this, choose wisely in the first place. Aim for the tattoo designs that have a strong meaning, are representative of your personality, principles and ideals and finally yet importantly, make you look and feel good!

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