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The general principle for wearing men’s sock is the following: the pants should match the color of the sock. It sound pretty simple in theory. Black pants go with black socks and blue pants go with blue jeans. Everybody is capable of understanding how it works. The only problem is that it is fairly boring. While this rule of thumb is invaluable when it comes to traditional or business situations, in real life situations those who are seeking something different may not be pleased with this rule. If you want to push new limits with your style and fashion, you can think about wearing bright socks. The good news is that there are plenty of cool sock designs out there, which include a wide assortment of bright colors. Novelty socks such as those offered by HUF will not match your pants, but they will definitely turn you into a trend setter. Follow these rules and you will be okay.

When you should not wear colored socks

Bright sock stand for solid colors, classic patterns or novelty items. While there is a place in men’s style for colored socks, you should pay attention to this aspect: you cannot wear colored sock at just anytime. Generally speaking, when it comes to a serious business outfit or a somber occasion such as a funeral, colored socks are not an option. These are basically situations in which you should restrain from expressing individuality since they are more situations in which you should show respect and try to fit in. Of course, there are exception to the rule. For instance, there are powerful men who choose to wear custom-made suits, Italian shoes and lavender socks. What they are trying to say is that they know the rules but they feel confident enough to break them anyway.

Making a statement

If you do want to venture into the world of statement, then you should start with these considerations. As a general rule, you should try to find a pair of socks in a pattern that matches the color of the trousers you are wearing. Although you can take one step forward and opt for a vibrant color that completely contrasts the color of your legwear. You should think about pink socks with navy denim or yellow socks with burgundy chinos. If you do not choose a sock that is complementary or contrasting correcting, the look will not be cool regardless of how much you may think it does. If you are ever in doubt you should stick to traditional patterns.

How to get your collection started

The final step in wearing brightly colored socks is to actually have a couple to choose from. If you have never in your life worn socks that do not match your trousers, the best place to start is a decent men’s store like You will find at least a selection of patterns to mix and match. From there, head to the other sections and indulge in your tastes. Think in terms of outfits that you are going to pair your socks with.

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