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Guess what? You can wear your sneakers more than just at the gym, just take a look on the fashion magazines, and on the runaways, and you will notice that more and more designers include them in their basic lines. They might be at their start designed with the purpose to be used by the working class, but these times are old gone, and now they seem to be the staple of every man’s wardrobe. However, now, you as a man can transform your sneakers into a fashion statement item, especially is they are Puma Sneakers, because they create models that could be paired with different types of clothes. But, even if the sneakers evolved, men have the tendency to wear them as they used in the past, and if you want to have a stylish look, you should consider the following dos and don’ts.

Do choose a classic model

Classic sneakers are a must when you want to have a stylish look, so you should have at least a pair which could be worn with any clothing article you have in your wardrobe. The classic model features a low-cut lace-up, and you should avoid the pairs, which have any glitz or similar characteristics. You should stick with a simple color, because it is suitable to be paired with a wide variety of clothes, from tailored trousers to jeans. You can wear them even with a pair of shorts, in the summer.

Don’t buy hybrids

You should stay only with hybrid cars, because hybrid sneakers are a combination between dress shoes and sneakers, and they hermetically seal your ankle. They are made from hefty leather and are thick enough that you can wear them even if you go to the North Pole, but they are not at all as sophisticated as their created intended to make them. Hybrids are a fashion mistake a man cannot afford do make.

Don’t wear visible socks

It is recommended to wear sneakers and socks, because if you have an active life, you might not find comfortable to wear them without a pair of socks, because there is high possibility to experience a bad sweat odor. But, this situation is not bad as if you would choose to wear ankle socks, or even tube socks, because they would take your outfit from stylish to kindergarten type. Well, in a world where technology offers you the possibility to clone animals, you might think that you can find on the market socks which feature a low-cut and the eye could not notice them.

Do crop and roll

Once you have managed to buy unnoticeable socks, and master the art of wearing them, you have the opportunity to roll one of the slim pair of jeans you have, or to wear cropped trousers. But, you have to rest assured that you do not do too much, because the style requires to wear them slightly above the edge of the sneakers, because their purpose is to reveal just a little part of your ankle.

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