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At the age of 78  Charles Robert Redford Jr. looks very good, and he appears to be in amazingly good shape. Better known as Robert Redford, this remarkable actor and founder of the Sundance Film Festival has impressed everyone with his talent and skills, but lately he has become the center of attention due to all the cosmetic surgery speculations that surround him. Pictures of  Robert Redford before plastic surgery show signs that the star could have tried to enhance his aspect by asking for a plastic surgeon’s services. However, he doesn’t have the unnatural look that most Hollywood celebrities have, so if he opted for this type of interventions, the results are very smooth and subtle.

The actor’s declarations

The celebrity never admitted the rumors according to which he had cosmetic surgeries. However, it is clear from photos of Robert Redford before plastic surgery that his appearance was enhanced, so we can only assume that he used surgical procedures to improve his aspect. Robert made a statement at the age of 75, saying that he is not interested in cosmetic operations, and he strongly objected the speculations according to which he opted for these type of enhancements. Still,  the media outlets speculations suggest that he could have chosen otherwise. After all, although he is 78 years old, he is a good looking man, and men usually don’t like to decrease their masculinity by talking about their cosmetic procedures.

Botox injections and facelifts

Images of Robert Redford before plastic surgery indicate that the actor could have used Botox injections and face lifts to eliminate some of his wrinkles. Even though he still shows aging signs on his forehead and around his eyes, his skin is tighter than before, which is something unusual for someone of his age. There are no healthy diets, nor regular workouts that can eliminate wrinkles, so he could have used this kind of tricks to eliminate baggy skin and wrinkles


According to several experts’ opinion, Robert Redford could have opted for an eyelid surgery, especially since he looks younger and cheerful than before. This type of operation has the role to make the upper lid look smaller and reduce a part of the skin that is loose around the eyes. Based on the fact that Robert’s eyes look more awake, the possibility that he underwent this type of procedure is very realistic. Furthermore, many celebrities choose this procedure to achieve a youthful aspect, but not all of them admit it.

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