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Autumn/Winter Menswear

September - 25 - 2012Comments Off on Autumn/Winter Menswear

Forget about black, grey and blue, as this autumn/winter menswear collections brings color back in every man`s wardrobe. This season is definitely about more color! Ranging from burnt autumnal colors to greens and blues, this season`s menswear is bright and …

Men’s Jeans Trends 2011

February - 24 - 2012Comments Off on Men’s Jeans Trends 2011

Regardless fashion trends, there is no doubt jeans are among the most parts in our wardrobe. For ones, there is nothing more precious than their favorite pair of jeans. Of course designers know this weak point, so they try to …

Fashionable Mens Bags

February - 24 - 2012Comments Off on Fashionable Mens Bags

Bags are no longer regarded as an accessory exclusively destined to women.  Their masculinity and practical mean transform men`s bags in more than just a stylish accessory. From casual to high class, there is a large variety of fashionable men`s

Men Fashion Trends Fall/Winter

December - 23 - 2011Comments Off on Men Fashion Trends Fall/Winter

One thing is for sure – men fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2011/2012 are bold both in textures and colors. While luxurious fabrics are a must, classic is rendered in neutral colors and gray, but casual style is defined by vibrant …

4 Basic Tips For Good Skin

December - 16 - 2011Comments Off on 4 Basic Tips For Good Skin

A healthy skin is the premise for a great look, so it is essential to know how to take care of your skin. As long as you follow the 4 basic tips for good skin, you will undoubtedly enjoy all …

How to Beat Stress?

December - 9 - 2011Comments Off on How to Beat Stress?

When you feel stress is taking over your body and mind, you should definitely make some changes in your lifestyle. Even if sometimes it is very difficult to cope with the stress, there is no other way than to try …

First Date Style Tips

December - 5 - 2011Comments Off on First Date Style Tips

First date is sometimes synonym with first impression, so you would not want to mess that up. From the way you talk to the way you dress, everything is important. As the way you look can determine if there will …

Gym Exercises to Avoid

November - 18 - 2011Comments Off on Gym Exercises to Avoid

Going to gym does not ensure you a great workout. Certain exercises make you sweat for nothing, so you should exclude them from your program. Below you can find out some useful tips about which gym exercise to avoid and …

About Men’s Suits

November - 7 - 2011Comments Off on About Men’s Suits

Men and their suits have always been in a complicated relationship, as men either love or hate suits. While fashionable men can`t imagine their lives without a stylish, tailor-made suit, men in favor of casual clothing have their doubts regarding …