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Many debate if a bag is appropriate for casual encounters as well, in men’s cases. And although many claim that they are appropriate exclusively for business purposes, a casual backpack being more appropriate for casual encounters, they couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of men’s leather briefcases that can be easily transitioned from one to the other purpose. As a result, the need of investing in multiple pieces for multiple purposes disappears and men can enjoy the same benefits of having a spacious and classy bag just as women do. However, let’s see some pro arguments for buying such pieces for casual encouters as well.

1. Teenagers don’t wear classy bags, they wear backpacks

And when you choose to invest in a backpack you say more than you wish about yourself. And the sad fact is that it might not define who you are at all. By investing in a well-crafted leather briefcase or men’s bag, you signal that you are at a comfortable point in your life to consider some expensive items as part of your outfit. And while it might be mandatory to have such a piece in an office environment, the fact that you gave up your backpack, no matter how comfortable and practical it were, you will be perceived as a serious individual, with a career in plan or even in work. Make sure the message you send to the world defines whom you are.

2. All your personal belongings will be safely stored

Because in your working environment you might be forced to carry a laptop, and many important papers around, you naturally bought a sturdy bag so it meets these requirements. But if you show so much care for your work-related belongings, why not show it in terms of personal ones? Your wallet, maybe a small notebook and other similar objects must be cared for properly as well.

3. They look great and are highly versatile

Let’s face it, a vintage-looking briefcase is almost everything a man needs. And, they are easy to pair with different pieces, let them be office or casual. The fact that well-crafted pieces are so versatile reduces the necessity of investing in multiple ones for different purposes. Also, a leather briefcase has the potential to last quite some time, if properly cared for.

Make sure you consider a men’s bag if you want a mysterious and adult-like appearance.

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