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Modern society has advanced greatly in the last decades. Nowadays, the roles of men and women are no longer imposed but they can be treated as choices. Therefore, women are a lot more interested in their career choices and men are learning how to take better care of their looks. However, this freedom of choice also leads to some unbalances. Unfortunately, the influence of the media is making people think that they cannot be successful unless they have a perfect appearance. Since most artists are willing to do anything it takes to reach success, it is no wonder that they would not let a big nose or some slim lips stay in their way. Female celebrities have been known to frequently go under the knife in order to look good. Lately, men have also been a lot more libertine in this field. Even young stars who have already reached success feel insecure and turn to plastic surgeries in order to increase their self esteem. This trend is more developed in some countries than in others. For example, South Koreans are not only accepting plastic surgeries but they seem to have developed an obsession for them. The Lee Min Ho Plastic surgery before and after photos are one of the most relevant examples in this situation. The young South Korean star has only had a few subtle procedures, so far. Were these procedures caused by mere frustrations which were lowering his self esteem or is this the beginning of a plastic obsession?
  • The price of fame
Despite the fact that Lee’s old face was already loved by countless young South Korean girls, the Boys Over Flowers star felt the need for some improvements. He has publicly admitted to have gone under the knife but he never revealed any details about his surgeries. The only thing left is to analyze some Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after photos. A closer look at such photos quickly reveals that Lee Min Ho has had at least one rhinoplasty surgery in order to make his nose sharper. Furthermore, the young star’s lips also seem to have suffered some modifications.
  • Is it worth it?
The Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after photos show that the young South Korean star has truly improved his appearance. But were these improvements really necessary. If all men and women would go under the knife in order to look perfect, we would soon live in a plastic world of which we would eventually get bored of and we would start appreciating flaws a lot more. The reason why men feel the need to go under the knife is due to the fact that they too are analyzed based on their looks. However, looks alone can’t get you anywhere whereas talent will always lead you to success. The fact that Lee Min Ho was already famous before his plastic surgeries proves that one does not need to look like a Ken doll in order to be successful. We hope that all men and women will soon learn that the only thing that really matters is attitude. With the right attitude you can move mountains and you can conquer the heart of anyone you want.


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