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Golf is known as an elegant sport and many people love to practice it, especially men. On the golf course there are several rules regarding the outfits and men golfers do their best to look neat, elegant and classy when they play this sophisticated sport with their business partners and colleagues. Here is some advice on which clothing items you can choose to wear on the golf course.

Neat golf shirts

The golf shirt is usually three-quarters of the way to the elbow, or even shorter for men who are in a good shape. Given that golf requires a lot of stretching and swinging, you should consider a quality shirt that will not wrinkle nor sweat and that will not come out of your pants while you practice your shots. Polo t-shirts from famous designer are among the favorites of men golf players because they are practical, comfortable and look very nice. Wear a nice buttoned sweater if the weather is a little cold, or combine a crew-neck sweater with a shirt for an elegant aspect. Choose to wear the sweater on your back with the sleeves on your shoulders for a young and stylish look. A lot of men prefer shirts with front pockets that they can use for storing various items such as the golf rangefinder. If you read the 2015 golf rangefinder reviews, you will see that the latest rangefinders are actually designed to fit in the front pocket of a golf shirt. They are compact and easy to carry around.

Golf shoes

You can opt for special golf shoes designed with tiny spikes on their soles for better adherence on the golf course. Many famous sports outfits designers such as Nike, Adidas or Puma have created special golf shoes that are extremely beautiful and comfortable. The socks must not be visible and should come to your ankles for an elegant look.

Golf caps

Golf hats, caps and visors are excellent golf accessories for men and there are plenty to choose from, in a very wide range of colors, shapes and styles, from sports caps, to straw hats and the famous Scottish tartan print with a tassel on top.

Golf pants

Golf pants should be comfortable and loose enough to allow you to move and stretch. The length of the pants should not exceed the top of your shoes, nor should the pants be too short in order to avoid a shabby look. Opt for fine wool trousers and accessorize them with a simple belt. If you are in a good shape, you can choose to wear shorts, just make sure they are not too short to be obscene and inappropriate.

Golf bags

This item is very important on the golf course and any respectful golfer carries one around. There are various models available on the market to help you carry your precious golf clubs, the tees, or the handy rangefinder that helps you achieve accurate shots by calculating the distance to the hole and telling you which club you carry in your stylish golf bag is best for the shot.

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