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Shaving is part of the routine of any man. Even though most of the times you may not think of shaving until you actually have to do it, it is very important to have the right tool at your disposal in order to make this experience as pleasant as possible. However, what is the best electric shaver for men? The answer can vary from one person to another, but here are a few things to take into consideration before buying something that you might regret.

Focus on your needs

The first thing you should think about is what type of beard you have. Some men have thick facial hair and require something more powerful to get the job done properly. This should offer you a pretty good indicator regarding where to start your search for the perfect electric shaver. Some products can have up to four motors in them, making them powerful enough for any type of beard they might have. The next thing you should think about is if you want a rotary shaver or a foil one.

Decide between rotary and foil shavers

Rotary shavers usually have three circular cutters that rotate along the shape of your face to catch even the smallest strands of hair. These products were designed to be used slowly, in circular motions and are more suited for medium to course beard density and a tougher skin. Therefore, if you know you have a sensitive skin, you should go for the other type of electric shaver: the foil one. Foil shavers are better suited for sensitive skin, because they were designed to be used in straight motions over the face and neck. They have a various number of blades underneath a metallic foil and again, depending on how think your beard is, you can choose a product with more or fewer blades.

Consider an electric razor that can be used on both dry/wet skin

Another thing you should think about before buying an electric shaver is whether you prefer a wet shave or you are always in a hurry and you would rather have a shaver that you can use on dry skin. Regardless of the case, there are products that can perform both ways, so you should be able to find something that can be used in any situation. Even though there are so many shavers on the market, every man has experienced disappointment at least once in his life. This is why one cannot say that the best electric shaver for men is only one product, because it depends on many individual factors. You need to take into account what type of beard you have, if your skin is sensitive or not along with other shaving habits that you may have and only after that, you will be able to find the most suitable product for your needs.

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