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How to achieve the Lolita look

January - 21 - 2015

Lolita is a Japanese fashion movement inspired from the clothing style of the Rococo and Victorian periods. Nowadays, the Lolita look is not only popular on the streets of Japan, although most Lolita communities come from this country, but women all over the world enjoy this type of lifestyle and appearance. Since its emergence in Japan in the eighties, the fashion movement has evolved greatly and now more than fifteen different Lolita styles are adopted by women of all ages. Besides the frilly dresses, cute accessories ribbons, shading umbrellas, curls and bows, the Lolita fashion also includes a peculiar lifestyle. Members are adepts of surrounding themselves with beautiful things and living beautifully, while common occupations are dressing up, sewing, baking and doing embroidery. If you wish to achieve the Lolita look, the first thing you should do is research this fashion movement carefully.

You should choose the style that fits you best before you start purchasing accessories and clothes. However, irrespective of the Lolita style you choose, you will notice that they all have the same thing in common, the cuteness, which is generally achieved through lots and lots of ribbons. This is why you should look for rosette award ribbons wholesale and purchase as many ribbons as possible. Rosette ribbons are easy to apply and can be used with lace to create the unique Lolita look. Make sure that you do not exaggerate with that lace though, because you will be immediately labeled as an ita.


What you need to keep in mind about the Lolita trend is that you are not supposed to cosplay the anime look. A true Lolita will appreciate tings of beauty, so you should be careful to purchase only high quality outfits. You are meant to look elegant and nothing spoils this endeavor more than cheap lace and even cheaper clothing materials. You need to research your ribbon, lace and clothing suppliers carefully to ensure that you will look your best all the time. Cheap satin is out of the question. If you wish to go with satin and velvet make sure that you find a reliable provider first. If you cannot afford a high quality Lolita costume, you can make one for yourself. You can improve the look of an outfit with ribbons and laces. You can get anything cheaply by following wholesale offers. There are many suppliers that offer rosette award ribbons wholesale and you can take advantage of their offers to get your hands on an entire years’ supply of ribbons.


Although a big fashion rule is to always be unique, if you are a beginner Lolita it is best to stick with the normal outfits. It is difficult to achieve a unique Lolita look that will not seem tacky and forced right from the beginning and remember the reason why you chose this type of fashion in the first place, because you like beautiful and cute things. As long as you are beautiful and elegant, nothing else matters really.


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