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Household Tips for Single Men

September - 12 - 2013

Most men have a hard time figuring out how to do simple household chores. The list is long and varied: laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes, ironing and others. In times like this, you wonder if your mom had actual super powers. But don’t despair, you can get it all done and still have time to go to that ball game of just chill with your friends. All you need is to get organized and make some decisions. These household tips for single men will help you sort it out:

  • Laundry

Laundry can be a big issue for single men. If you can afford it, the best decision would be to have your clothing professionally cleaned. This will free up some time and will also help you look great every day. If you have to do them yourself, begin by organizing. Use hampers so it would be easy to sort them out and transport them to the washing machine. Wash whites separate from color and also towels, sheets and kitchen towels because they require a higher temperature. Make sure you read the washing machine’s manual.

  • Dishes

There are few people who enjoy washing dishes. If you are like most men, you probably know how to fix many dishwasher problems but you’ve never used one. If you own a dishwasher, just follow the instructions in the manual because each dishwasher is different and some require you to rinse the plates before running a cycle. If you don’t own one, besides the fact that there won’t be any dishwasher problems, you will have to hand wash all the dishes. It is important to wipe food off plates right after you finish eating so it won’t harden. Buy a sponge with a rough side so the cleaning process will be easier. Use a decent soap and invest in a good rack. To eliminate some of the chaos, group the dishes by category. In order to remove hard stains, leave them to soak for a couple of hours.

  • Cleaning

One of the most important household tips for single men is to establish a simple cleaning routine. Decide if you want to do all the cleaning in one day or break the job up into smaller daily and weekly tasks. If you want to clean the entire house in one day, make sure you do it every week or every two weeks so the task is at least manageable. If you want to do something every day, invest 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Start by making the bed and then clean the bathroom with a disposable Clorox wipe. Empty the dishwasher and wipe the kitchen counters after you have breakfast. In the evening spot vacuum, load dishes or clean them and wipe the counters after dinner.  In addition to this routine, do one big task each day such as dusting, scrubbing the toilet, vacuuming and mopping, cleaning the windows, cleaning the kitchen appliances and doing laundry.

  • Food Preparation

Things can get messy with food preparation, but these household tips for single men will make your life easier. When you go shopping, make sure you don’t overbuy and purchase greens in ready to go bags. Use an outside grill because it doesn’t require much cleaning and if you’re not too much into cooking pick up meals from a restaurant. You can also try a slow cooker because it is healthy and easy to use.

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