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Gym Exercises to Avoid

November - 18 - 2011

Going to gym does not ensure you a great workout. Certain exercises make you sweat for nothing, so you should exclude them from your program. Below you can find out some useful tips about which gym exercise to avoid and which to put into practice :

  • Pull-downs

Pull-downs (seated behind the neck) train upper back and biceps, but this exercise is not suitable for everybody. Feel free to try pull-downs in case you have very flexible shoulders. On the contrary, if your shoulders are not flexible enough, this exercise might affect the shoulder joint and cause it damages.

Alternative: Incline pull-ups are the solution. Grab a bar at waist height with a both hands. With your body straight and firm, pull your chest to the bar. Repeat as many times as you can. On one hand, this gym exercise becomes more difficult when you lower the bar, on the other hand it is easier when raising it.

  • Hip Abducting

Training the outer part of thighs, hip abductor can put extra pressure on the spine if it is performed incorrectly and with overweight.

Alternative: Wrap a resistance band around your ankles and make sidesteps out 20 paces and then return back under control.

  • Leg Press

The leg press (seated position) trains front part of your legs, hamstrings and glutes, but it forces the spine to curve without being sustained and stabilized by the muscles of the hips, lower back and glutes.

Alternative:  Control your descending trying not to make your lower back round. Perform as many squats as possible and progressively increase the number of sets.

  • Squats on the smith machine

The smith machine also has some flaws, even if trains chest, legs and biceps. With a bar attached to a vertical sliding track, the smith machine forces to do perform unnatural movements and also puts too much pressure on the shoulders, lower back and knees.

Alternative: Make squats with body-weight as seen above.

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