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Are you looking for a new haircut now that the winter comes? New season, new you? The majority of people feel the need to change something when the weather gets cold, and you may feel the same. If you want an easy and cost effective change, then you should consider making an appointment to your barber, because a haircut is exactly what you need. A new haircut is cheaper that changing your wardrobe, and you will have to make no effort, as you would do if you would want to look fit. The haircut is the one thing that will help you show the world a new you, and if you need inspiration, The Adult Man has some ideas for you.

Choose a haircut with texture on top

If last year was all about super-slick and neat hairstyles, this season makes room for something new. A messed up look is what you are looking for, now that the winter comes, and you will not want to spend a lot of time in styling your hair, just to cover it with a hat. This season hairstylists state that they would prefer to keep the sides of the hair short and to focus on the top, check for more details. Men should opt for more textured and longer styles on the top. So tell your barber that you would prefer to have short hair on the back and sides of your head and to fade it into longer locks on the top. Show them a few pictures with textured hairstyles.

Longer hair is back

You will notice on the runaways that more and more models have long locks. Maybe they inspire from Jon Snow in Games of Thrones, who knows? But if you want a change and you do not like to visit the barber too often, then you should opt for hair that hits your shoulders. The trends show that in the future men will be adepts of complicated long haircuts, because they are handy at using products and tools.

Grey hair is back

Who says that only women should color their hair? If you want to completely change your look, then you have this option too. If during summer, you have seen men who rocked colorful hair, in the winter you may want to opt for something more glacial, as grey. So, if you have natural silver fox hair, and you used different products to make you look younger, this might be the moment to let it grow as it is. If you do not have natural grey hair, you should talk with your barber, and ask them incorporate some shades of grey into your locks. You can dye your entire hair blonde, and use products to remove the yellowness and enhance the glacial shade. Actually, if you want to keep the grey locks into top condition, you will have to use different conditioners and shampoos, especially designed for this purpose. It is not easy to care a Targaryen blonde, but you will totally impress everyone with your look.

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