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First Date Style Tips

December - 5 - 2011

First date is sometimes synonym with first impression, so you would not want to mess that up. From the way you talk to the way you dress, everything is important. As the way you look can determine if there will be a second date or not, you should pay attention to your first date outfit and hairstyle.

In case you need some help, you can easily follow the first date style tips below.

  • Be neat and groomed

While some women prefer clean-shaved and short-haired men, others have no problem against guys who have long hair or are unsaved. Still, they both like stylish men. This does not mean you have to wear a suit that makes you feel uncomfortable or unnatural – a pair a jeans, shirt and a blazer should be enough. The important is to have clean clothes.

  • Smell nice

You don`t have to shower in perfume to smell nice, a drop of two of cologne is sufficient. Mixing scents is not pleasant, so choose a scentless antiperspirant deodorant.

  • Don`t overdo your hair

If you overdo your hair or over groom your brows, you can send a negative message and appear to be artificial. Try to keep it simple!

  • Choose your style

Generally, casual or smart-casual style is the best option for a first date. If you opt for this style, combine a blazer, a vest or a cardigan with a pair of casual pants or jeans. To personalize your outfit, add some color or patterns to it. You can use a scarf, hat or shirt, but avoid exaggerated prints or eye-watering hues.

There is nothing wrong in wearing your safe outfit on a first date. As long as your outfit gives you confidence and makes you feel comfortable, everything is fine. Choose what fits you best!

If your style is an eccentric one, get creative and do your best, Still, try to keep it not too eccentric – you don`t want to pose as a fashion victim.

As you can see, these first date style tips are not so difficult to apply. The basic rule is to wear your outfit with style and be confident! Good luck!

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