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Fashionable Mens Bags

February - 24 - 2012

Bags are no longer regarded as an accessory exclusively destined to women.  Their masculinity and practical mean transform men`s bags in more than just a stylish accessory. From casual to high class, there is a large variety of fashionable men`s bags offered by designers. When buying a men`s bag, always consider what expectations you have from it. Below you can find several types of men`s bags, each of them with their own advantages and uses, so you can decide easier what suits you best.

Holdall / Carryall
This type of bag is very practical and is the right choice for men who go on business trips or just on a weekend picnic away from home. Holdall/carryall bags are spacious, while their stylish leather exterior gives them a classic and refined look. When it comes to street fashion men really have a lot to gain from a bag like this, because it can turn a simple casual outfit into a stylish and appealing look.

Even if traditional briefcases were the seen as bags for business men, modern briefcase were updated and they surely look different than in the past. Featuring an enhanced boxy shape, practical interior and exquisite leather exterior, modern briefcases are more stylish than ever. Definitely a must in every businessman`s wardrobe, the classic briefcase will never be out of date.

Messenger bag
Part of urban style, the messenger bag is practical and mostly made of canvas. No matter if it is about an urban chic outfit or an uptown sophisticated look, there is always a right messenger bag for it. If they want to up their game for street fashion men should dare to sport this accessory, which looks great with tightly fit pants and waistcoats.

Camera bag
Similar to the messenger bag, camera bag has a more rectangular shape. As it combines style and practicality, this men`s bag is suitable both for touristic escapes of for everyday city life.

Newsboy bag
Another great fashionable men`s bag, newsboy bag is not so formal as the messenger bag, but it can be successfully matched with casual style. This type of bag is suitable for traveling and student life.

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