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Earlobe reconstructive surgery may be necessary in various cases. Turn earlobes or increased earlobes due to the stretch caused by tribal ear piercings. Regardless of the reasons, the earlobe plays an important role in face symmetry and aesthetics in general. The surgery is easy to accomplish, in a fairly short amount of time. You can find reputable earlobe repair services at specialised cosmetic clinics, being a surgery with high rates of success. But below you will find more information on these interventions.

1. When is it appropriate to have an earlobe reconstructive surgery?

Generally, when the earlobe diameter is affected by other cosmetic interventions. For instance, when the man or woman gradually increased the diameter of their ear piercing, for the purpose of acquiring something known as “tribal piercing”. While many young individuals choose to have tribal piercings, after growing up they may come to the conclusion that the look is no longer appropriate for their status or goals. Thus, an earlobe repair surgery is advised. Earlobe stretching has a few unpleasant outcomes.

  • Ear blowout: the phenomena that takes place when the inside of the ear tissue is forced outside through the back of the ear.
  • Pain;
  • Irritation in the area.

Thus, earlobe reconstruction surgery may be the single solution many individuals have in order to fix this issue.

Other cases in which an earlobe repair may be advised is when the patient is unhappy with the dimensions of their earlobes, case in which an earlobe reduction is appropriate.

Accidental tearing is another circumstance in which this intervention is advised.

2. Who can perform an earlobe repair surgery?

The surgery will be easily accomplished, with proper results, if you find a skilled surgeon, like those at Centre For Surgery. Make sure that you make some research beforehand and that you read some opinions on the professional who is going to perform the surgery.

3. What does it mean to have an earlobe repair surgery?

The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and it lasts for 30-40 minutes per earlobe. This is a fairly easy surgery, the patient being able to leave the medical facility right afterwards. The surgery means that the excess tissue and skin is removed, in order to accomplish and aesthetically appealing earlobe.

4. Do I have any restrictions after the surgery?

Like any other surgery, you must follow some rules in the period after it. For instance, you won’t be allowed to wear any type of earrings for at least 2 months, interval in which the previous ear piercing will disappear. Thus, there will be necessary a re-piercing. In the first few weeks, the ear will have a bright red colour, which is normal, and in time the colour will fade to a pale nuance. However, in approximately 6 months, the ear should recover completely.

These are some essential considerations in terms of earlobe reconstructive surgery. Make sure to find a reputable surgeon and cosmetic surgery facility and you will have amazing results from the process.

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