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Quite of an existential question, isn’t it? But honestly, how long does one wait until they throw away their old pairs of boxers and invests in new, amazing, comfortable ones? Is it a year? Two? A couple of months? And how does one pick the best boxer briefs? If you’re like the large majority of people, you only have a couple of pairs of undies that end up on duty frequently and others on rare occasions. Maybe it’s the comfort we experience with a certain type of underwear. However, if you are unsure when you should get rid of those old pairs of boxer briefs of yours, continue reading below.

Broke up with your ex? Change the undies!

As terrible as a breakup might be, there are some things you should be as fast as possible about. For instance, mail them their old items you keep finding around the home. And change you old boxer briefs. It is smart for safety reasons, especially if you consider the fact that your undies are the foundation of who you are. No partner? Maybe it is time to make a new foundation on which to build your new self. Also, when sharing the bed with another person, the bacteria in our bodies changes and develops to the point both partners have similar bacteria. For safety reasons, change the underwear you used to wear while you were in a new relationship. Search for new underwear, a more comfortable and maybe pricey underwear. You deserve it.

When they don’t fit you anymore

Quite clear it is that you should change your underwear if you gain or lose weight. For comfort reasons, you should do it if your weight fluctuates with approximately five pounds. The boxer’s elastic might be flexible and stretchy, but if they strangle your abdomen, maybe you should change them. Buy new boxer briefs that fit your current dimensions. Do some research beforehand. Read some reviews some specialized websites have and see what products they recommend.

Your boxers smell

Once again bacteria are guilty if your boxers begin to smell. Again, for safety reason, if you notice unpleasant odor even after you wash them well, maybe it would be ideal to replace your old underwear. Viscose is a great absorbing material, and you might want to consider briefs manufactured from it the next time you update. For personal hygiene concerns, you must avoid underwear in fabrics that are unable to retain humidity.

Five years or older? Time to update!

If from your last underwear update passed five years, maybe you should retire those brief boxers of yours. The fabrics from which they were manufactured changed over the time and new products will increase the levels of comfort one experiences in their undies. Also, it might not be completely hygienic to keep a pair of boxers for so long.

These are some signs you should invest in new underwear as a male. Make sure you inspect your underwear thoroughly and spot the items you should get rid of.

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