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When they look for a holiday destination, single men look for something in particular, namely the nightlife, the availability of the women in the area and the fun possibilities they can find there. Based on these criteria, here are some of the best travel destinations to choose from if you are a single man looking for fun and adventure.

South Beach, Miami

As crazy as a tropical resort, the mood here is a little different and tourists can bond becoming casual beach friends in a game of volleyball, then they can try a trendy restaurant for then get ready for a crazy night in one of the many clubs. South Beach is the place where you can meet many celebrities who come here for the parties and, if you are looking for drinks and women, you came to the right place. Besides the beaches and famous clubs, you can save a little time for shopping or visiting the city.

Rhodes Island, Greece

Considered by many the most sought after place in the Mediterranean, this Greek island offers plenty of activities for the single man. Of course, you can take a sunbath on one of the many beaches where women are usually topless, but there are many other options if you get bored of it. For example, if you stay in Rhodes, you can visit the Acropolis and other vestiges here, and organized excursions can be a very good opportunity to meet someone special. Although Rhodes is extraordinary in terms of culture, the beach parties and clubs made it very popular among young people. Take a walk on the Orfanidou street and see how the Greeks have fun day and night. Pull up a run in Ialissos, where the ideal climate throughout the year and the best clubs on the island attract young people and pretty girls like a magnet. If you want to discover more interesting attractions in this amazing article, check out the Rhodes article on as it is very detailed and it has all the information necessary for planning an amazing holiday in Rhodes.

Reykjavik, Iceland

You do not always need beaches and bikini to have fun as a single man, and the capital of Iceland is the proof of this, because despite the awful weather here, it became a highly sought destination for party people around the world. Locals love to drink and party in a mood of general merriment, whether they go in one of the many bars, clubs or famous outdoor thermal baths. Many bachelors took the opportunity to “test the waters” in Iceland and were very pleasantly surprised because the Icelanders are very warm and friendly, and women have that unmistakable Scandinavian beauty. The parties last until 1 am on weekdays and 4 am on weekends, but in general people continue to spend, drink and dance outdoors long after sunrise. As an advice, visit Iceland in the summer, when, due to the very northern position, the sun never sets and the parties do not stop.

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