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Autumn/Winter Menswear

September - 25 - 2012

Forget about black, grey and blue, as this autumn/winter menswear collections brings color back in every man`s wardrobe. This season is definitely about more color! Ranging from burnt autumnal colors to greens and blues, this season`s menswear is bright and joyful, suited for everybody`s tastes.

The autumn trends are all about earthly colors. On we discovered that this autumns trends encourage woman to dye their hair in natural shades of brown, blonde and rusty red. This colors also dominate the clothing trends of both women and men. Burnt autumnal colors such as rich orange, rust reds and yellows are the color stars of this season. In case you think suits in strong orange shades or burnt yellow are too much for you, choose a shirt, t-shirt or even a tie following this color palette, so your style be a veritable autumnal one.

Still, this year`s Autumn/Winter menswear is also presented in reds, greens and blues, as seen on catwalk presentation from Burberry and Vivienne Westwood. In the past couple of decades, male fashion trends have become much more daring and permissive, and to good reason as well. This equality of sexes that we want to promote isn’t just about giving women more career opportunities, but about giving men more fashion choices as well. Why not accept that there are things we’re all interested in, whether we’re boys or girls? That being said, these new male fashion trends are more than welcome, and they help men find new facets of themselves, they help them reinvent themselves, proving one can be kempt outside of a two-piece suit as well.

A versatile color, green can be widely found in this season`s menswear. Green matches blacks, tan color and charcoals. This color practically goes well with any other piece of clothes in your wardrobe.

Color can light up even the darkest winter day, so why not play this card! If you don`t like the idea of wearing an entire outfit made of bold light colors, you can make a fashionable statement simply by adding a colored t-shirt, jumper or tie. As you can see, even if you are reserved you can still play with colors.

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