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Floral themed fashion will never fall out of popularity in the grand scheme of things. If you enjoy floral related fashion pieces, then you will most likely enjoy these fashion pieces discussed here. Indulge yourself today and give these priceless collections here a try. Cultivate and let your inner flower child bloom by adorning yourself with what Lularock has to offer:

Dancing In The Street Dress

This Alice McCall dress is one of the most popular fashion pieces amongst the Alice McCall collection. Comfort is a guarantee with this ditzy floral printed maxi dress. Revel in the lightweight material and the degree of movement it allows you through two front thigh high splits- flirtatious, comfortable, whimsical and simplistic in design, it is perfect when paired with heels, sandals or even boots. If you are looking for a chic and free flowing look for a trip to town or a walk by the park, this is the right dress for you.

Lady Margaret

Quirky, playful and stylish, this Lady Margaret dress by Sretsis is truly one of the fashion pieces that represent the uniqueness and individualistic design aesthetics of the sisters at Sretsis. Using dresses with mesh detailing as a base, the sisters at Sretsis has teamed up to come up with a fashion piece with their trademark Sretsis twist. Lady Margaret is an elegant dress with mesh detailing and adorable 3D floral embellishments arranged in a natural yet delightful flow for an added sense of playfulness.

Potters Jerkin

Keep your cool in the warmer climates with the Potters Jerkin shift dress designed by Karen Walker. The multi-coloured shift dress is sharpened for structure with the inclusion of a tie-waist, however, the unique feature about this dress is that despite so, it still retains it’s feminine wrap shape. Perfect for any climate, the Potters Jerkin shift dress is suitable with leather boots, strappy sandals and heels for a cooler appeal.

Dahlia Dress

This Sretsis dress is ideal for occasions that require a splash of colour. The Dahlia dress is specially designed with the inclusion of frilly floral embellishments that are juxtaposed with mesh sleeves. Unique, interesting, beautiful and quirky, as is the signature Sretsis style, the Dahlia dress is the right fit for anyone looking to adorn themselves with nature.

Us and Them Skirt

The Us and Them Skirt by Alice McCall is a delicate series that highlights grace and the nurturing nature of femininity. With specially arranged and embroidered flowers against a high-waisted swing skirt that comes with a sewn in inner coverage slip, the skirt is further customised by keeping the leg area sheer in order to fully appreciate the applique fabric of the flowers. Perfect for occasions as casual as a dinner date, to events as formal as weddings. The Us and Them Skirt can be easily paired with a trendy and simplistic top.
But of course, these are only some of suggestions out of all the other options available in Lularock. Ensemble your very own flower child outfit today and enjoy feeling connected with nature in all it’s beauteous glory.


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