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About Men’s Suits

November - 7 - 2011

Men and their suits have always been in a complicated relationship, as men either love or hate suits. While fashionable men can`t imagine their lives without a stylish, tailor-made suit, men in favor of casual clothing have their doubts regarding wearing suits.

But even if you prefer jeans and t-shirts over four-button suits, buying a men`s suit is a necessary step for the future of your wardrobe. A well-tailored suit goes very well with either long rebellious hair or short haircuts for men who work in large corporations. Next, we will talk about men`s suits – history, types, and other considerations that will be very helpful in making a decision.

A Little Bit of History

The main reasons for wearing men`s suits were to win their peers` respect and women`s admiration. Until 17th century, men used to dress even more fastidious than women, as their highly-festooned jackets and pants were really impressive. Since then, as a result of needing a more comfortable approach, men`s suits slowly became a dressing style, but modern men`s suits were only brought by the 19th century, in Europe. Times change, styles change!

Why suits?
Men wore suits especially in times of economic upheaval and transition, because suit was the symbol of wealth, confidence and luxury. For example, during the American Great Depression, men wore suits in order to stay optimistic and promote the idea of financial stability.

Nowadays, suits are mandatory for workers on Wall Street, because no matter the financial issues, formal men`s suits inspire professionalism and competence.

When considering the aspect, there are two types of men`s suits: two-piece and three-piece suits. Two-piece suits feature a jacket and a pair of pants made of the same fabric, while the three-piece suits include a vest.

The fabrics used for making men`s suits are: polyester, rayon, silk, linen, cotton seersucker, worsted wool, merino wool, and gabardine.

Considering how they are made, there are three types of men`s suits: custom tailoring, ready-to-wear and made to measure. Custom made suits are the most expensive, as they are the result of months of work in order to match the exact customer`s measurements and requirement. Ready-to-wear suits are mass produced and they can be found in department stores. Made to measure suits refer to those for which customer can select the fabric, buttons and style, but they are made before initial fitting.

Style and Accessories
When it is about men`s suits, the way there are worn is crucial, so style and accessories are highly important. Designers recommend short hair styles for men who wear suits daily, or a tidy ponytail. Most of the times, men`s suits are accessorized with ties, handkerchiefs (pocket squares), braces, and ascots. A tuxedo must be complimented with a white or black bow tie. While double-breasted suits must be worn fastened, single button suits can also be worn unbuttoned.

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