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4 Basic Tips For Good Skin

December - 16 - 2011

A healthy skin is the premise for a great look, so it is essential to know how to take care of your skin. As long as you follow the 4 basic tips for good skin, you will undoubtedly enjoy all the benefits of a healthy skin.

But before finding out these steps, you should know that there are four main types of skin: normal, dry, oily and sensitive. Normal skin is clear and smooth, but need regular moisturizing to remain healthy. Featuring red spots, skin flakes and lines, dry skin is tight and requires proper moisturizing. In contrast, oily skin has an oil excess and gives blackheads and spots. Sensitive skin can quickly irritate as a consequence to a lower tolerance to certain cosmetic product.

  • Cleaning

For removing excess oil and dust from your skin, you can use natural mild soap, but deodorants and additives free. As this option can be too aggressive for sensitive skin, the solution is to opt for a special face wash. Make sure it does not contain many chemicals. Furthermore, if you didn’t already know this, nature has the best remedies for skin problems and you can easily turn your kitchen into a spa. You won’t be needing any fancy, luxury kitchen appliances, as most treatments just require mixes of natural ingredients that are applied as face masks

  • Balanced Diet

Proper diet is a must for a healthy skin. Try to avoid foods that are too salty, sugary or oily, otherwise you might face skin issues such as acne or breakouts. Furthermore, you don’t need luxury kitchen appliances in order to eat healthy. A good old fashion blender is all you need in order to prepare a breakfast fruit smoothie that is full of nutrients. Replacing your usual breakfast with such a smoothie will do wonders for your skin.

A good hydration is also important, so ensure that your daily water intake is the right one. Remember that men need more water than women in order to be hydrated.

  • Sun Protection

Inadequate sun exposure leads to UV damage and premature aging of the skin. To avoid these negative effects, wear sunscreen and sunglasses. By wearing sunglasses, you protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.

  • Careful Shaving

Razors can cause little cuts and marks on the skin, this way affecting its healthy look, so be careful when shaving. By using a soothing aftershave, you can prevent irritation. Still, make sure you use shaving products suitable for your skin type.

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